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Rates on this screen will show you the best available offers for Prior Credit Event 30Y Fixed, Prior Credit Event 5/1 ARM and Prior Credit Event 7/1 ARM.
Products available for borrowers qualify based on portfolio lender standards that encountered foreclosure, bankruptcy or related credit event in less than 7 years from the application date.And also lower credit score below certain conventional standards.
Borrowers may qualify with conventional type of income verification such as W2 / Tax Returns or alternative income verification types such as personal or business bank statements, 1099s or profit and loss statement, subject to possible rate adjustments, LTV limitations and other overlays.
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Rates based on 30-day lock* period and are the lowest amongst all our lenders. Depending on the borrower(s) financial situation and qualifications, we may qualify you with another lender. Hence, rates/costs may be higher. This pricing is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a loan approval or lending commitment. Rates are subject to unnoticeable change. They can change several times a day. Interest rates and APRs are for informational purposes and do not include all applicable or possible third-party fees. Your actual rates, payments, and costs may differ. Payment Column does not reflect T&I portion for loans with escrows. For Monthly Mortgage Insurance Premium or Mortgage Insurance Renewal, consult with your loan originator.

*30-day lock is the industry specific language

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